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Ibrahim Qureshi, Athletic Director, Physical Education, Researcher, Teacher, Educator and Canadian

Hello visitor! My name is Ibrahim Qureshi, and I want to welcome you to my website and portfolio. As an experienced educator, athletic administrator, sports fan, and technology enthusiast eager to learn and grow, I am happy that you came to visit this website. I enjoy learning and am in constant pursuit of knowledge and information. As a lifelong learner, I believe in always reflecting, reading, writing, and learning to enhance my skill sets as an educator and worldview. I completed my Master in Education (MEd) with a focus and specialization on technology within education.

Outside my professional development and learning, I spend a lot of my free time catching up with friends, family and playing sports. I love the outdoors and spend my summers outside camping, fishing, or around the water. As an avid basketball enthusiast, I spend a lot of my time playing, coaching, or assisting with operating basketball programs and operations within Calgary, Canada. Outside of Canada, I have had the privilege to work internationally in the Middle East, which provided me with the unique opportunity to interact and network with many amazing people in my life. I hope to keep travelling and growing my professional network and look forward to connecting with like-minded people through the course of my professional career and lifetime.

Thank you for taking the time to read this short blurb about me, and I hope you get a chance to view the rest of my website.


 I have achieved a lot of unique opportunities and experiences that I am grateful for each one. Each role, experience, and moment has taught me a lot and added to my growth both personally and professionally. I hope to keep adding to the list of unique experiences, moments, and opportunities along the way. You are witnessing one part of a long journey ahead. 

Here is a of my resume, experiences through the course of my career.

A project I produced in graduate school outlining my personal learning theory.

Reference letter from my previous principal outlining my experience and achievements within my previous job role.

A small Facebook highlight interview and spotlight of me as a teacher within our school and community.


Now that you made it this far, why not go up to the top and look at my other pages, which have publications, images and other unique content that I have created and produced. If you want to get in touch with me, click on the, Contact Me page and let's chat today!

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