If you are interested in finding out more about the basketball program that I help build and co-create with my colleague and friend, well this is the place. Please take a moment to look at the content posted on this page, and if you wanted to find out more, I encourage you to go directly to the website.


As a child, I fell in love with the sport of basketball from my dad's love of the sport and my passion for playing and watching the game. I continued to play the sport past high school and into adulthood. I never wanted to let go of my connection and love for the sport, so moved from playing to building, operating, and inspiring the next generation of athletes. When my opportunities as a player ended I started looking for the next steps.

Ibrahim Qureshi, President of Basketball
Ibrahim Qureshi guides young basketball players
Ibrahim leading athletes through a dynamic stretch

This started with wanting a home to continue to play basketball and has grown into so much more. I went from first starting to coach the sport in 2008 to co-founding Legends Basketball League 2019. As a Canada Basketball certified coach and former player, my goal to inspire more elite players, coaches by providing them a platform to enjoy the sport I love so much. Check out our programs, by going to www.legendsbasketball.ca.


Media publications and articles that featured about Legends Basketball League. Please take a moment to click on the article link below to get full access to the entire publication and article. One article discusses our success in running a tournament during a pandemic and the other discusses our leagues origin and the sole purpose as to why we co-founded this program and league.

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