With the use of scholarly resources, content, personal reflection and experience I have started putting compiling a collections a self-produced of works, projects and publications that I hope will help contribute to the growing field of education.


Educational Theories

When looking at the multitude of ways in which learners learn, it is good to look at a few factors in having effective teaching practice, understanding one's learners and having a thorough understanding of educational psychology. This self-published book examines all three tenants in a simplistic model of clear synthesized reflective practice and application of my own experiences as a researcher as an educator.


 My Learning Theory

A simple breakdown of learning theory through the principles of cognitivism and social constructivism that tend to focus on the intrinsic motivation in learners within the context of teaching and learning. A shift in the traditional behaviourist views of teaching and learning that solely look at the extrinsic motivation within learners.


E-Learning Module

A collaborative project that I completed with 3 of my graduate school associates. This is a a four step module covering the implications around racism and discrimination across four different elements: education, community, workplace and media.

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Guide to E-Learning

A guide that I had to construct during the COVID-19 pandemic to allow parents, teachers and students to be able to access online learning. This is only a simply guide that was used in correlation with our school-wide online learning program. It outlines how parents and students can access and trouble shoot Zoom and Google Classroom.

Home-Based PE Website

Trauma-Informed Education

During the COVID-19 pandemic our school we challenged on how to teach and deliver a quality physical education program. I took the time to construct an entirely independent self-paced physical education program online that allows students to pick and choose from a variety of units, sports and workouts that they can complete at home. I really loved the challenge of putting this together and have made this resource free and readily available to all who find benefit or value in this learning tool.

With the prevalence of trauma impacting more children in society, there is an increased need for educators to adopt more trauma-informed practice to enhance their classroom teaching, practice and pedgagogy. Along side my colleagues Patrick and Peter, we created an interactive website to help educate teachers across the globe around how to to address trauma-informed education specifically with boys in middle school.

""Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else." -J.M. Barrie