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Here is a complete collection of resources, publications, books and articles that I have produced or co-produced with various esteemed colleagues in the field of education. Please take a moment to click on the image to access the resource, website or link directly.


Educational Theories

When looking at the multitude of ways in which learners learn, it is good to look at a few factors in having effective teaching practice, understanding one's learners and having a thorough understanding of educational psychology. This self-published book examines all three tenants in a simplistic model of clear synthesized reflective practice and application of my own experiences as a researcher as an educator.


 My Learning Theory

In this PDF document, I provide a quick overview and breakdown of theories of constructivism, behaviourism and cognitivism. I present my learning theory through the context constructivist and cognitivist beliefs. As I believe we must foster intrinsic motivation and build understanding, meaning and knowledge.


E-Learning Module

A self-paced learning module that I completed with 3 of my graduate school associates on tackling racism and discrimination. It is a four-step module covering the implications around racism and discrimination across the areas: education, community, workplace and media. Upon completion, there is an assessment to take to check one's understanding and knowledge.

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Guide to E-Learning

A resource that I created during the COVID-19 pandemic. This guide was used in correlation with our school-wide online learning program but can be changed and adapted for your educational institution as needed. It outlines how parents and students can access and troubleshoot on Zoom and Google Classroom. Please contact me for the editable version.

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Free PE Online with

During the COVID-19 pandemic our school we challenged on how to teach and deliver a quality physical education program. I took this challenge personally and created an open-source website with a collection of free online programs for parents, children and educators to use.

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Canadian Association of Principals

The pandemic has challenged educators all across the world a few educators are taking strides in educational leadership, including a Calgary teacher who founded Find out how, I, Ibrahim Qureshi was featured on this Canadian publication of elite educators and leaders.

Copy of North Point Guide to Online Lear

Trauma-Informed Education

Exploring the prevalence of trauma, I worked alongside three colleagues to explore the impacts of trauma on middle school boys. This webpage serves as a resource for all educators and parents to garner a better understanding of trauma-informed educational pedagogies.


ADHD Boys, Video Games & Mental Health

A tool for parents and educators to better understand how video games and technology can impact boys with ADHD's mental health. Some resources, tools and tips for both educators and parents to use. In addition with some innovations and research in the future of ADHD, such as video-game therapy from a gaming company called EndeavorRX.

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