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I began working with students with learning disabilities (LDs) in 2010 during my undergraduate degree, taking several roles with Learning Disabilities Niagara in Ontario as a volunteer, staff and committee president. I have been teaching full-time since 2014 and since then have decided to specialize and focus on supporting students with ADHD. I know I can effectively reach and teach students with ADHD, and because of this, I have decided to allocate some select hours to provide some online support and tutoring services to parents and families that may have a child with ADHD. I recognize that ADHD may not be your child's only barrier to education as you may have completed a psychoeducational report and uncovered your child has challenges with fluid reasoning, working memory or is additionally diagnosed with LD.

If you are interested in having a conversation around your child's learning needs, I would be happy to make time to speak to you in regards to your child's specific needs for free. I can provide you with insights as an experienced teacher in the educational system and shed some light on what supports are available in schools and what is not. I can offer tips on how parents can provide their children with the necessary tools to achieve the most success in school or at home with learning. Also, I would be happy to provide you with some candid and honest answers that you may not have received as an experienced teacher to you quite openly and honestly. For instance, Did you know that most teachers do not know how to read a psychoeducational assessment? ADHD students are far more distracted by technology than their peer learners, so ask yourself, how can these students be successful in a virtual learning environment? And many more questions that you may have.

I can offer Zoom consultations, educational intervention online/in-person, or even phone conversations if needed. If you are interested, please send me an email below.

Want to connect or chat further? 

Thank you and I will be in touch with you soon!


ADHD Boys, Video Games & Mental Health

A tool for parents and educators to better understand how video games and technology can impact boys with ADHD's mental health. Some resources, tools and tips for both educators and parents to use. In addition with some innovations and research in the future of ADHD, such as video-game therapy from a gaming company called EndeavorRX.

Ibrahim Qureshi teacher, athletic director and business owner
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